Jan 24, 2008

Response to "Necessities"


Once again, Amanda has managed to capture so many of my past thoughts and write them down in a convincing, comprehensive way.

Over the years, I have been accused of exaggerating my symptoms, malingering, making excuses, etc. (As it turned out in the end, it was rather the obvious. I understated my symptoms, worked harder than was healthy, and made excuses for why I just had to destroy myself. ) I believe one of the reasons this is true is my generally cheerful disposition. People don't expect a chronically ill person to look happy or content. Instead, we're supposed to be dour and depressing to be around. Those who don't summarily decide a happy chronically ill person is faking are just as bad, because they decide that "brave smile" is "inspirational".

Happiness is no crime. Enjoying zooming around in my wheelchair isn't unnatural, a sign of faking, or inspirational. Its natural to feel good about traveling quickly and smoothly. Enjoying life is nothing but a good thing, and its a sad thing so many people have to step in and try and dampen that.


Wheelchair Dancer said...

Well said.


xine said...

Here here!

Elizabeth McClung said...

What, we are allowed to smile? Can we listen to mp3 player and wave at people while we accelerate down a hill too?

perennial sam said...

It's amazing what people aren't afraid to tell you, like, "You're not disabled"... :S

It's about the same as telling a cancer patient to "just get over it," except far more socially acceptable.