May 21, 2008

Those Days When Your Ramp Becomes a Boat

This beautiful piece of art was made for me by my sister. It is the first part of a series portraying the innocence of the interactions between children and disability.

[Description: A child squats on a wheelchair ramp leading up to a patio, grasping the side, gazing perpendicular to the camera. The yard around her is replete with backyard paraphenalia. In a thought bubble on the top right, is the following poem:

I found this raft tethered
Unwanted along the shore
Its wobbly and weathered
But will sail a few times more
I followed a little fishy
Swimming, fast and free
We'll sail into the sunset
'Till Mommy comes for me

by Faith K Friedman]


Kathryn said...

Beautiful - of course I will put it in! Thanks for sharing it.

Philip. said...

Cool :-)

Anonymous said...

If somebody made this for me, I'd hang it on my fridge to look at every day. :)

Anonymous said...
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Unknown said...

Check out this disability-related article: